Monday, November 17, 2014

IamInfoSMART 2014 Successfully Activates the Learners

The Libraries successfully concluded its Information Literacy (IL) campaign called IamInfoSMART with the theme, Activate the Learners!: Empowering InfoSMART Lasallians Through Engagement, held on 10-14 November 2014 at The Learning Commons.

This year's theme values the importance of active learning and student engagement in making every Lasallian information literate. The week-long multimedia exhibition was complemented by a series of blended learning sessions that allowed students and faculty members to enjoy the fun and exciting interactive games and activities while gaining IL skills.

The exhibition was formally opened by Dr. Eden R. Flores, Department Chair of English and Applied Linguistics. In her inspirational message, she encouraged the Libraries to continue teaching the Lasallian students to become lifelong learners through classroom IL sessions.

As part of the event, the online, self-paced IamInfoSMART was also launched. The online information literacy modules were developed to provide six online modules focused on different IL skills which when completed would allow students to ascertain when and why they need information; seek and locate the relevant information using the most appropriate search tools; assess the information critically; and treat/apply information ethically.  

Three video tutorials developed by DLSU Engineering students Mr.Karmelo Antonio Lazaro Carranza, Mr. Albert Ponce, and Mr. Karl Deinielle S. MascariƱa, were also presented which are to be embedded in the Online IamInfoSMART.

A total of 457 DLSU students and faculty, LIS students and librarians from other institutions participated in the week-long learning activities of the IamInfoSMART 2014.


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