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Reading List (Leganto) Training for Instructors

The Libraries  offers  free training  sessions  for faculty members on the use of  Reading List . Reading List , powered by  Ex Libris Leganto , is a course reading list tool that allows faculty to more easily create and deliver course readings lists to students right from the AnimoSpace course site.   Objectives Learn how to create course reading lists via Animo Space. Know how to  add citations, submit a reading list for processing and view usage analytics. Learn how to edit and reuse reading lists.    Schedules   Dates Time 21 May 2021 (Friday) 10:00 AM – 10:45 AM   02:30 PM – 03:15 PM 28 May 2021 (Friday) 10:00 AM – 10:45 AM   02:30 PM – 03:15 PM Registration   Interested participants are required to register online   (fill out the form   HERE ).   The sessions will be held online through Zoom. Link and Meeting ID will be sent to all who register before the scheduled sessions.   To learn more about this course resource management tool, visit the   Reading List Guide for Instructors

American Corner Manila Hosts "Empower The Leader Within" Panel Series

As part of its Emerging Voices Program (EVP), the American Corner Manila hosted a three-part panel series titled Empower The Leader Within in partnership with The Organization for American Studies and the American Spaces Philippines last April 16, 23, and 30, 2021. The series encompasses contemporary issues surrounding the themes of environment/climate change, good governance, and regional cooperation. The learning sessions aim for participants to (1) understand what it takes to become a global leader and citizen; (2) boost their leadership skills and potential for personal and community development; and (3) collaborate and expand their networks through virtual immersion with their peers and experts from various fields. All in all, the program virtually reached over 800+ student leaders and professionals nationwide. T here’s No Planet B! The first part of the series aims to increase the participants’ climate awareness. The invited discussants were Engr. Maricris Elemos, Director of th

WeAreInfoSMART Research Webinar Series

True to its goal of supporting DLSU's mission of bridging faith and scholarship in the service of the Church and society, the Libraries conducted a three-part information literacy sessions under its Community Engagement Program titled WeAreInfoSMART Research Webinar Series last April 22, 26, and 29, 2021. A joint initiative of the DLSU Libraries’ Social Engagement and Information Literacy (IL) Committees, t his webinar series primarily aimed to guide and support the research endeavors of the senior high school students and faculty members of the Benigno S. Aquino National High School (BANHS) at Concepcion, Tarlac, Philippines. The first session of the webinar series is Finding Relevant Literature which aimed to demonstrate various information search strategies as well as to introduce the tools to download, manage, and cite digital contents. This session was attended by over 450 students and was facilitated by an invited guest speaker from Wiley Philippines, Mr. Carlos Eclevia, Jr.

#CreativeTuesdays: A Digital-Readiness Workshop for Libraries

A program of the Makerspace @ the Libraries, #CreativeTuesdays focuses on using tools and applications to create projects that foster creative thinking and behavior. In its first run, the sessions were held virtually from 16 March to 20 April 2021 through the conduct of an intensive digital readiness workshop for libraries. The workshop is a  joint venture of the DLSU Libraries’ American Corner Manila, Makerspace, and Social Engagement committees. The workshop covered 11 learning sessions encompassing timely and relevant topics. Each participant was expected to submit a pre-determined output set forth by the trainers which were graded using a rubric. A  total of 816 attendees nationwide joined the first run of the workshop.  Workshop schedule: To recognize participants with the best output, one participant was selected for each output category and was given the " Most Creative Project” award. The recipients were as follows: Infographic/ Event Poster - Mr. Mark Bacordo of Jose Riza

The Last Man Off Bataan : A Virtual Exhibition of the Romulo Room

T oday marks the 33rd anniversary in commemorating "Day of Valor" or known as "Araw Ng Kagitingan", a tribute to the unsung heroes of Bataan for showing their strong patriotism and undying heroism during World War II against the Japanese Imperial Army. Executive Order No. 203 further proclaimed April 9 as “Araw Ng Kagitingan” on 30 June 1987. Let us take a trip down memory lane and browse through the #DLSULibraries virtual shelves on some unprecedented works on the Battle of Bataan here: BattleofBataan Visit the Romulo Room through this virtual exhibit here: v=G3rmzpCthT0 The Romulo Room is located at The Learning Commons, 10th floor, Henry Sy, Sr. Hall. The room was conceptualized with future generations of leaders in mind as it showcases the life and works of Gen. Carlos P. Romulo, also known as "The Last Man Off Bataan" - a Filipino diplomat, soldier, journalist, author, and National Artist for Li

Call for Papers | Conference on Library and Information Studies (CLIS) 2021

The De La Salle University Libraries and the Philippine Normal University Library and Information Science Alumni Association (PNU-LISAA), Inc. issued a joint call for papers for the Annual Conference on Library and Information Studies (CLIS 2021) with the theme  Libraries in the Period of Uncertainties: Transitioning, Transforming,  Upskilling , to be held on July 1-2, 2021 via Zoom. The call is open to librarians, information professionals, researchers, faculty, and graduate students of library and information science (LIS). The conference aims to: (1) Find out how libraries are coping with the demands of online learning; (2) Determine innovative practices, programs, facilities, and services introduced by libraries in response to the instructional and research needs of clients, remotely; (3) Present the different trainings carried out to prepare both the library personnel and the clients to adapt to emerging technologies; and (4) Prepare libraries to gear up for the post-COVID world

A Virtual Dialogue with Women Eco-warriors: An AC Ecowomen Speaker Series

The American Corner (AC) Manila at the De La Salle University Libraries, together with the American Spaces Philippines, hosted the annual AC Ecowomen Speaker Series in celebration of the Women’s Month. The goal of this program is to serve as a platform for United States Government (USG) alumni and local women environmental leaders/advocates to share their environmental advocacy or project. Moreover, it aims to serve as a springboard to stimulate responsible actions to collectively provide solutions to the prevailing climate and environmental problems . As part of the aforementioned speaker series, AC Manila conducted a panel discussion titled A Virtual Dialogue with Women Ecowarriors last 26 March 2021 (Friday) from 10 AM to 11 AM via Zoom webinar. The invited guest panelists were Amina Shayne Baginda Halil, Founder of Seaviors,  and Czarina Constantino-Panopio, the National Lead of No Plastics in Nature Initiative, World Wide Fund for Nature Philippines. The discussion circled on ho

Animo Repository Training for Students

With the launch of the DLSU's institutional repository, students are now required to submit their  electronic theses and dissertations (ETDs)  in the Animo Repository  (AR) as one of the requirements for passing final thesis writing. The AR serves as a digital repository of scholarly and creative works of the faculty, students, and researchers of the De La Salle University (DLSU). It also hosts digital archival contents, including university events and photo diaries.  To better assist and support students transition to this new process, the Libraries conducted training six sessions from March 24-26, 2021. Schedules were as follows:  The demonstration focused on teaching students how to submit the final version of their ETDs in the AR. In the Animo Repository Guidelines , submission must contain the following documents:  Scanned signed approval sheet of department  Scanned signed submission agreement form  Final thesis document (in PDF format)  Additional files (when applicable) Asi

#TinkerThursdays : The Value of Making through Makerspaces and Fab Labs in Universities

The Makerspace @ the Libraries is a creative space (physical and virtual) for making and building projects, operating as a hub for training workshops on a wide range of topics. Shifting it’s gears online, the Makerspace started to offer its dialogue session entitled, #TinkerThursdays last March 04, 2021 with the theme: The Value of Making through Makerspaces and Fab Labs in Universities . Partners from the U.S. Embassy in the Philippines’ American Spaces Philippines were also present in the activity. In her welcome message, Pauline Anderson , Assistant Cultural Affairs Officer, underscored the importance of the maker movement in any learning environment. For the first #TinkerThursdays session, the team gathered together starters, founders, and incorporators of Makerspaces and Fab Labs from the Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia to talk about makerspace, the maker movement, fab labs, and how to bring these creative spaces in universities. To open the pioneering session, the panelists

Rekindling Faith Amidst the Pandemic: the DLSU Libraries Conducts Faith Formation

No pandemic can stop the DLSU Libraries from providing its staff some spiritual nourishment. Last 23 February 2021, the Staff Development Committee organized a faith formation activity entitled, An Especially Close Encounter with the Lord: a Recollection held via Zoom   with the theme, “Rekindling our faith in the midst of the pandemic.”  The recollection's theme was very apt and timely as it aimed to address the library personnel’s battle against the worries and anxieties brought about by COVID-19. It also tackled the  approp riate  strategies and techniques to attain peace of mind and balance in the workplace, family  and personal life.  The organizers  invited Rev. Fr. Francis Xavier Salcedo, a former University Chaplain of DLSU, as the resource speaker. A liturgical prayer format, which is a religious practice akin to a Eucharistic celebration but without the consecration part, was followed in the conduct of the session. The recollection was kept active and dynamic through pray

Training Workshop on Bibliometric Analysis Using VOSviewer -- For Librarians

With the many applications of bibliometrics in the area of librarianship and the availability of bibliographic data sources, researcher-librarians would definitely benefit from learning how to use the tools for bibliometric analysis. One of the tools that is available for free is VOSviewer, a software tool for constructing and visualizing bibliometric networks.  Last 19 February 2021, the Libraries hosted a training session on bibliometric analysis using VOSViewer via Google Meet. This training was attended by 37 librarians including those from other De La Salle Philippines (DLSP) institutions. Ms. Marian Eclevia, Assistant Director for Support Services and a researcher herself, served as the resource person.   In her presentation, Ms. Eclevia discussed the scope, capabilities and limitations of bibliometrics. She tackled the different data sources as well as the focus of bibliometric studies such as publication and productivity, authorship, research topics, and research impact.  She a