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DLSU Human Library Marks its 5th Anniversary

  The DLSU Libraries celebrated its 5th Human Library anniversary on 14 August 2019 at the Exhibit Area of The Learning Commons, 6th floor Henry Sy, Sr. Hall.  The anniversary featured the Human Library exhibit.highlighting the photos of the previous Human Library sessions through a perceptual art of the number five, signifying five years of “breaking stereotypes and reducing discrimination.”  Human Library Committee with the Human Books The De La Salle University Libraries hosted the First Human Library in the Philippines on 14 August 2014. Since then, it has been the venue to confront personal clarification about one’s preconceived opinion in an individual through face-to-face dialogue. It also creates the experience of learning in dealing with social issues like prejudices in a professional and civilized manner. The program was divided into two parts. The first part was a forum entitled "Human Library Practices in the Philippines” where  guest speakers shared their institutio