Thursday, November 8, 2018

IamInfoSMART 2018: Schedule of Activities

Now on its sixth year, the Libraries will be holding its annual information literacy campaign called IamInfoSMART with the theme "InfoLIT in Every Bit on 12-17 November 2018 at The Learning Commons. This activity is in line with the celebration of the Library and Information Services (LIS) month this November.

SMART refers to the ability to: Seek for the right information; Manage retrieved information effectively; Assess information critically; Refer information sources correctly; and Treat and apply information ethically.

IamInfoSMART 2018 is a week-long fair of exhibitions, learning sessions and interactive games, which aims at honing the IL skills of students and raising awareness on the importance of IL in their pursuit for academic and research excellence. Activities include:

Friday, October 26, 2018

[Upcoming Event] WeAreInfoSMART Think, Create, Innovate: An InfoSMART Make-a-thon Challenge

The Libraries, as part of its annual information literacy campaign – IamInfoSMART 2018, will be conducting WeAreInfoSMART with the theme “Think, Create, Innovate: An InfoSMART Make-a-thon Challenge . This will be held at the Makerspace, 12th floor, Henry Sy Sr. Hall on 15 November 2018, 8:00AM to 5:00PM. The activity is in coordination with American Corner Manila and aims to teach media and information literacy skills, let participants reflect on the UN SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), and inspire creativity among the participants by making prototypes to address the SDGs. The activity is open to public secondary schools in Metro Manila, with ten (10) limited slots for the DLSU students.

Interested participants are required to register online (fill out the form HERE). For further inquiries, you may Chat with LORA, send an email to, or call local 620.

[Upcoming Event] RIA's Helpdesk

As part of the IamInfoSMART 2018 campaign of making every Lasallian information literate, The Libraries will hold a special session of the Face-to-Face with RIA (Roving Information Assistant) service called RIA’s Research Help Desk on 14-16 November (Wednesday-Friday), 9:00am-5:00pm at the Exhibit Area of The Learning Commons, 6th floor, Henry Sy Sr. Hall.

Similar to the concept of “Book-a-librarian”, Face-to-Face with RIA is available for a 30 to 60-minute, one-on-one instruction on topics such as the formulation of search strategies, subject database searching, evaluating sources of information, referencing, citation management tools, and Turnitin. However, the following will not be covered: (a) computer configuration, maintenance, and troubleshooting; (b) provision of investment, legal, or medical advice; (c) tutoring or homework help; and, (d) job interview preparation.


  1. All bonafide students, faculty, and staff may book a session using this reservation facility
  2. Walk-in patrons may be accommodated depending on the availability of RIA.
  3. Library users who will participate will have the following special library privileges:
    • Additional borrowing privileges, specifically, borrowing of up to 4 reference books for 3 working days. This privilege should be availed of within T2 of AY2018-2019
    • Extended use of discussion room of up to 3 hours per booking (regular is 2 hours) for the entire T2 of AY2018-2019
    • PaperCut ticket (self-service printing load card) worth Php 150.00
More information on other upcoming IamInfoSMART events will be posted in our Library Newsette and Facebook page.

For further inquiries about IamInfoSMART 2018, you may Chat with LORA, send an email to, or call local 620.

Thank you.

[Upcoming Event] LORA the Librarian

The Libraries, as part of its annual information literacy campaign – IamInfoSMART 2018, will be conducting a free lecture/workshop with LORA, the Librarian with the theme "Learning In Libraries: A Media and Information Literacy (MIL) Seminar-Workshop". This will be held at the Philippe Jones Lhuillier Conference Room, 14th floor, Henry Sy Sr. Hall on 14 November 2018, 10:00AM to 5:00PM. This lecture/workshop is open to librarians of public secondary schools in Metro Manila. It aims to assist and aid both school librarians to better facilitate and support MIL instruction in their schools. The background knowledge of participants on MIL will be measured through their pre and post-test scores to be conducted during the workshop.

LORA, the Librarian is one of the community extension activities of the Libraries, which aims to provide training on the different aspects of library work, and guide librarians from public secondary schools, community libraries, etc. in sourcing for free library resources.

[Upcoming Event] Amazing Race

As part of the IamInfoSMART campaign of making every Lasallian information literate, one of the event’s major activities is the IamInfoSMART Amazing Race (Senior High School Students and Balay Edition) which will be held on 12 November 2018. Based on the reality TV series, the contest will lead participants to different sections of The Learning Commons, where they must perform various tasks in a race against other teams. This activity aims to teach students how to (1) determine the nature and extent of information needed; (2) find and locate the needed information effectively and efficiently; (3) evaluate information sources; and (4) use information ethically and legally.


  • The contest is open to all bonafide DLSU senior high school and Balay members
  • During the race, there will be pit stop clues and challenges. Pit stops are the different areas located within The Learning Commons.
  • Team members are to work together to solve each clue and successfully complete each task to earn points and be able to get the next clue to the next destination.
  • Each team must get a stamp with corresponding points at every pit stop.
  • The team with the most number of points be declared the winner.

[Upcoming Event] #MyMemerableLibrary

As part of IamInfoSMART 2018, the Libraries will hold #MyMemerableLibrary; a meme making contest over at The Libraries’ Facebook page from Wednesday-Friday, 14-17 November 2018. This activity aims to familiarize the DLSU community with the Libraries’ services, facilities, and collection in a creative way.

This contest is open to all bonafide DLSU faculty and all students. Individual and group entries will be accepted. Each individual/group is only allowed to submit one (1) entry per caption


  1. Meme captions will be announced by the Libraries through the Facebook fan page. 
  2. Participants will choose a caption and pair it with a photo to come up with a meme. 
  3. Photos used should be owned or taken by the participants themselves. 
  4. Participants post their meme using the hashtags #MyMemerableLibrary and #IAIS2018 
  5. All photos submitted for this contest shall be the property of DLSU Libraries. 
  6. Entries will be judged using the following criteria 
    • Wit / Humor- 40%
    • Novelty (attractiveness to subject’s attention)- 30%
    • Simplicity (less processing for the meme to be understood)- 30%
  7. Submission of entries shall be from 14-16 November 2018.
  8. Three winners (first, second and third place) shall be chosen and posted on the Libraries’ Facebook page. 
  9. First, second and third place will receive P1,500.00, P1,000.00 and P500.00 merchandise card from The Store, respectively.

For inquiries, please contact the Libraries at loc. 620 or send an email to