The Last Man Off Bataan : A Virtual Exhibition of the Romulo Room

T oday marks the 33rd anniversary in commemorating "Day of Valor" or known as "Araw Ng Kagitingan", a tribute to the unsung heroes of Bataan for showing their strong patriotism and undying heroism during World War II against the Japanese Imperial Army. Executive Order No. 203 further proclaimed April 9 as “Araw Ng Kagitingan” on 30 June 1987. Let us take a trip down memory lane and browse through the #DLSULibraries virtual shelves on some unprecedented works on the Battle of Bataan here: BattleofBataan Visit the Romulo Room through this virtual exhibit here: v=G3rmzpCthT0 The Romulo Room is located at The Learning Commons, 10th floor, Henry Sy, Sr. Hall. The room was conceptualized with future generations of leaders in mind as it showcases the life and works of Gen. Carlos P. Romulo, also known as "The Last Man Off Bataan" - a Filipino diplomat, soldier, journalist, author, and National Artist for Li

Rekindling Faith Amidst the Pandemic: the DLSU Libraries Conducts Faith Formation

No pandemic can stop the DLSU Libraries from providing its staff some spiritual nourishment. Last 23 February 2021, the Staff Development Committee organized a faith formation activity entitled, An Especially Close Encounter with the Lord: a Recollection held via Zoom   with the theme, “Rekindling our faith in the midst of the pandemic.”  The recollection's theme was very apt and timely as it aimed to address the library personnel’s battle against the worries and anxieties brought about by COVID-19. It also tackled the  approp riate  strategies and techniques to attain peace of mind and balance in the workplace, family  and personal life.  The organizers  invited Rev. Fr. Francis Xavier Salcedo, a former University Chaplain of DLSU, as the resource speaker. A liturgical prayer format, which is a religious practice akin to a Eucharistic celebration but without the consecration part, was followed in the conduct of the session. The recollection was kept active and dynamic through pray

IamInfoSMART 2020

In line with the celebration of the Library and Information Services (LIS) month this November, the  DLSU  Libraries will be holding its 8th annual information literacy campaign called   IamInfoSMART   with the theme  "DQ Deconstructed” on 24-28 November   2020 .   I amInfoSMART  is a week-long event which aims at honing information literacy (IL) skills and raising awareness on the importance of IL in pursuit of academic and research excellence. This year’s theme focuses on promoting the emergence of  Digital Intelligence Quotient (DQ) , with  Digital Citizenship  as its main thrust, being a vital component of lifelong learning and digital participation. It also aims to create better awareness of the trends and activities related to digital technology in everyday life and identify ways to propagate empathy and build safer communities.  Activities lined up for the celebration includes webinars, trainings as well as fun games and contests - all geared toward fostering digital citiz

Beyond Preservation : DLSU Libraries Launches Animo Repository

Last 28 October 2020, the Libraries launched Animo Repository, a cloud-based institutional repository (IR), powered by Digital Commons, to serve as a one-stop platform to collect, preserve and disseminate the scholarly and creative works of the faculty, students, and researchers of the De La Salle University (DLSU).  The event was attended by DLSU administrators, faculty and staff  led by Br. Raymundo Suplido, FSC. Partners from Elsevier and Digital Commons led by Mr. Jean Gabriel Bankier, as well librarians from other universities, also participated in the virtual launch.  The DLSU Libraries recognizes its role as a knowledge hub for scholarly engagement and digital scholarship. With this in mind, it continues to innovate and reinvent things in the library to better support the Lasallian researchers in their bigger and more meaningful mission to the country and the world. The establishment of the Animo Repository is the Libraries contribution not only the Lasallian community but also

DLSU Libraries Unveils AnimoSearch

Last September 1, 2020, the DLSU Libraries celebrated another milestone and hosted a virtual event to launch AnimoSearch, its new discovery tool, via Zoom. This event was attended by DLSU administrators, faculty and staff led by Br. Raymundo Suplido FSC, President and Ms. Kai Shan Fernandez, Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Services. Representatives from Ex Libris Asia Pacific led by Mr. Osher Gilinsky and Ms. Rona Arnedo as well as the librarians from DLSU’s partner institutions also participated in this online event The Libraries selected Ex Libris Alma, a next-generation library services platform which features a discovery component – Primo® VE, to better support the university community’s teaching and learning needs. Alma offers a unified workflows designed to increase the efficiency of the library processes and has robust analytics that will support logical, data-driven decision-making, particularly for collection management. Primo, on the other hand, will help ensure the op

DLSU Librarians Present Research Outputs at CLIS 2020

L ibrarians of the De La Salle University (DLSU) had once again displayed their mettle in the field of research by showcasing their research outputs in the Conference of Library and Information Studies (CLIS) held last July 2-3, 2020 . In its inaugural staging this year, this conference featured the theme “ Transforming Library Spaces ” to stress the importance of informal learning spaces that libraries offer, which now transcends beyond physical spaces and incorporates virtual/digital environment made possible by technological developments. CLIS 2020 was jointly organized by DLSU Libraries and the Philippine Normal University Library and Information Science Alumni Association (PNULISAA) to promote research and collaboration among Philippine librarians. This 2-day online conference, held in partnership  with CE-Logic and C&E Publishing, Inc., was attended  by more than 500 participants. A  total of 11 DLSU librarians presented six research outputs. 

DLSU Libraries and PNULISAA Hold the Conference on Library and Information Science Studies (CLIS) 2020 Online

The very first Conference on Library and Information Science Studies (CLIS), jointly organized by the DLSU Libraries and the Philippine Normal University Library and Information Science Alumni Association, Inc. (PNULISAA), in partnership with CE-Logic and C&E Publishing, was held online on July 2-3, 2020. The conference envisions to: (1) Foster a culture of research among Filipino librarians; (2) Advocate research mentoring between expert and neophyte librarian researchers; (3) Encourage novice librarians to embrace research as part of their professional practice; and, (4) Promote research collaboration among librarians from different institutions.  

Libraries Holds "IEEE Xplore and Beyond" Webinar Series

The DLSU Libraries held  a 2-day webinar last 13-14 July 2020 on IEEE Xplore which was moderated by Alex Liu of IEEE. Attendees learned how to use the IEEE Xplore database, the usefulness of the search tool, the different contents of the database, and how to keep abreast of the latest information on their chosen topic courtesy of IEEE Xplore platform.  The first day also highlighted the data sets and coding resources that are available to the researchers. 

Moving Forward ‘Online’ with Innovation Challenge 2020

The Animo Labs, American Corner Manila and the De La Salle University Libraries, in partnership with the American Center Manila of the U.S. Embassy, hosted and organized the Innovation Challenge 2020 ( projects developed after NASA S pace Apps COVID-19 edition challenge) .

Get To Know Luis Ezra Cruz

Luis Ezra Danganan Cruz  Media Librarian  Luis has been involved in various academic library settings since graduating from college.  He comes from a family of librarians. His mom and sister are both information professionals.  In his spare time, he likes to travel and try new experiences. He is also a big fan of ramen.  Luis currently lives in Valenzuela City.