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HL12 @ Rufino Campus, BGC

The 12 th session of the DLSU Libraries’ Human Library (HL) program was held in the DLSU Rufino Campus, BGC on January 25, 2018.  The program was brought all the way from the Manila Campus to Bonifacio Global City in order to let law students (1) feel and understand the situations of people that are recipients of prejudice due to their appearance, culture, economic status, etc.; (2) strengthen their neutral views on people and situations by lessening their prejudices against certain people; and, (3) improve their sense of judgement through listening deeply to prejudiced people. Although the HL has already run for twelve (12) sessions, this was the first time it was brought to the Rufino Campus. In order to capture the audience, an exhibit was set up which lasted for 1 week, catchy posters in various strategic places were posted in the campus, as well as spread using social media, word-of-mouth. The Committee also partnered up with the Development Legal Advocacy Clinic (DLAC) thro

New Acquisitions: Periodicals (January 2018)

Periodicals Section Newly Received Materials (Current Awareness) January  2018, Term 2 AY 2017-2018 SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS (SOE) Count Titles Volume Nos. Date of Journals Frequency  1 POPULATION AND DEVELOPMENT REVIEW 43 3 SEPTEMBER 2017 Quarterly 2  ECONOMIST, THE 425 9072 DECEMBER 23, 2017-JANUARY 5, 2018 Weekly COLLEGE OF EDUCATION (CED)  1 TECHNOLOGY, PEDAGOGY AND EDUCATION 26 4 SEPTEMBER 2017 3x/year  2 JOURNAL OF TEACHER EDUCATION 68 5 NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2017 BiMonthly COLLEGE OF SCIENCE (COS)  1 MEDICAL PHYSICS 44 1 JANUARY 2017 Monthly  2 MEDICAL PHYSICS 44 2 FEBRUAR