15 May 2018

DLSU Librarians Attended CONSAL 2018

The significance of collaboration and connection for the next generation of libraries was the main focus of the recently concluded 17th Congress of Southeast Asian Librarians (CONSAL 2018) with a theme “Next Generation Libraries: Collaborate and Connect” held last 2-5 May 2018 at Myanmar International Convention Center, Naypyitaw, Myanmar. Organized by Myanmar Library Association, this year’s gathering aims to provide a forum for librarians and other information professionals to strengthen networks, partnerships and linkages. It further promotes coordination and collaboration among the ten (10) member countries of CONSAL with a global perspective, especially in the field of library and information science, information studies and other interdisciplinary areas in the digital era.

Three research papers authored and co-authored by DLSU Librarians were presented in this year’s event. Mr. John Louie Zabala (Readers Services Librarian) presented his co-authored paper with Ms. Donna Lyn Labangon (Associate American Corner Librarian) entitled Towards a Literate Studentry: Media and Information Literacy Implementation in the Philippines which reports the implementation of media and information literacy (MIL) course as a new addition to the newly revised senior high school curriculum in private and public schools in the Philippines. 

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Ms. April R. Manabat (Collection Development Librarian) presented her co-authored work with Mr. Thoriq Tri Prabowo, a Librarian from UIN Sunan Kalijaga, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Their paper entitled Libraries and the Fake News Hoopla: A Comparative Study of Selected Indonesian and Philippine Academic Libraries Information Literacy Programs and Its Role in Countering Fake News focused on selected Indonesian and Philippine academic libraries’ information literacy (IL) programs and its effectiveness. It served as their means of educating their respective academic community on the widespread of fake news. It also identified the role of libraries in countering fake news, educating them about accessing and spreading fabricated information. 

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Another collaborative work presented was again authored by Ms. April R. Manabat and Mr. Joseph M. Yap, Expert Manager, Reference Department at Nazarbayev University, Astana, Kazakhstan and a former DLSU Librarian. Entitled Media & Information Literacy in Philippine Academic Libraries: The DLSU Experience, the aim of the study was to determine the effectiveness of the TeachMeet with LORA (Librarian program). It compared the pre- and post-tests of the participants who joined the seminar-workshop on MIL conducted at DLSU. The paper also shared the results of the evaluation given by the participants after the seminar-workshop. 

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Photo Credits: S. Alayon, A. Manabat, J. Zabala

Library Team Building in Hidden Valley

The De La Salle University Libraries held another year of fun and exciting activities for all their library faculty and staff in the recently concluded annual library team building in Hidden Valley, Sorosoro, Batangas City last May 11, 2018.

The theme of the activity this year was One Team, One Library, One La Salle. It was organized by the library team building committees headed by the newly hired librarian, Jorge Bundalian, co-chaired by Jorge Rada and their members namely Marvin Factor, Minandro Caindoc and Arnold Jansen Versoza. 

The group was composed of 71 library personnel. Five teams were formed (Orange, Pink, Green, Blue and Yellow) with fourteen (14) members each. A free t-shirt was given to all the members of the team corresponding to their assigned color. The activity started with an opening prayer led by committee member, Mr. Arnold Jansen Versoza. The Director of Libraries, Ms. Christine Abrigo, gave the opening remarks.

A set of games were distributed to each team to test their focus, creativity, resourcefulness, trust and cooperation:

The first game was called 3,6,9. This allowed members to concentrate and listen to the person before them. Each mistake made was deducted from the score. The team with the highest score at the end of the game wins.

The second game was called Traffic Jam. This game tested the effectiveness of the team’s communication and strategic leadership pattern. The participants must discover how to successfully move across a series of squares on the ground. The goal of Traffic Jam is to move the players on the left side of a line, to the right side; and to move the players on the right side of a line, to the left side. However, there are several rules which dictate how players are allowed to move, which makes things tricky. 

The third game was called Communication Combat. Each team members’ ability to received and send messages given to them was established for this game. The action-based learning requires clarity and ability to correctly convey the right information.

The fourth game was a series of outdoor exercises called the Battle Station. Several games namely Save the President, Fillr’-up, Water Volleyball, Group Flag and Group Cheer were assigned. These physically-challenging tasks aimed to test endurance, strength, cooperation, creativity, teamwork and camaraderie. 

Announcement of winners were excitingly awaited after the activities. The Blue Team was named grand champion, with the Yellow Team and Pink Team winning second and third place, respectively. 

At the end of the exhausting but fun-filled day, the team members were given time to relax, swim and enjoy the wonderful views of Hidden Valley. Before leaving, they were also given the chance to taste the famous Batangas lomi. 

This team building marked another joyful memory that will truly be remembered by everyone. It is in high hopes that it will pave the way to better camaraderie and coordination among each other. Here’s to more collaborative efforts that will result to the betterment of the DLSU libraries in terms of service to the academic communities. 

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Grand Champion – THE BLUE TEAM
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Second Place – YELLOW TEAM
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Third Place – PINK TEAM
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GREEN TEAM with their “You Can’t Touch My BERDE slogan
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The competitive ORANGE TEAM

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Sea of colors
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Time to recharge

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Hanging Bridge
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Swimming time

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