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DLSU Troglodyte Wins the Break the Fake Hackathon Supported and Located in American Corner Manila, with Solution to Track Relationships Between Fake News Sites.

Break the Fake 1st-Place Winners, Carlos Nazareno, Dominic Ligot, Nikko Torcita (front center, left to right) with the judges, event organizers and sponsors Manila, Philippines - Five or so years ago, “fake news” was a term that no one used. Today, it’s no longer just a term, but a phenomenon, recognized as an urgent global problem and a threat to human life by world leaders and institutions.   The rise of social media as the main source of news and information by most has made it easier for malicious figures and groups to spread false content, especially in tech-savvy Southeast Asia.  This led a group of independent youth leaders and professionals in Manila, Philippines to start the “Break the Fake Movement” , an organization that aims to engage the public, especially the youth, through technology-driven media literacy events to combat fake news.  “Fake news is one of the most pressing issues facing the world today. It will take the ingenuity of our youth, c

DLSU Libraries Holds 13th Session of Human Library

In its continuous effort to reduce prejudices, eradicate stereotypes and promote understanding and dialogue, The Libraries held its 13th session of Human Library last 8 August 2018 at the 6F, Henry Sy, Sr. Hall. In line with the idea of book renewal in a typical library setting, HL13 has “renewed” some featured human books from HL12@BGC and brought them all the way from BGC Campus to Manila Campus.  Similar with the HL12@BGC, Manila campus readers were also entertained with six (6) human books: (1) Bagong Buhay , by Mr. Danilo Alcantara (ex-convict); (2) Power of Love and Faith , by Mrs. Teresita Adefin (ex-convict); (3) Tatak Rehas , by Mr. Pedrito Gozo (ex-convict); (4) A Journey to Self-Discovery , by Mr. John Phillip Binondo (mixed ethnicity), (5) P overty, Facebook, and How to Help a Street Kid , by Mr. Edwin Nombre Pamanian (illegal settler); and (6) Dyosa , by Ms. Rosemarie Olan (PWD). The activity was graced by a total of 109 readers.  L-R: (Standing) P. B

New Acquisitions (Periodicals) : August 2018

Periodicals Section Newly Received Materials (Current Awareness) August  2018, Term 3 AY 2017-2018 College of Education (CED) Count Title Volume No. Date Frequency 1 JOURNAL OF TEACHING EDUCATION 69 2 MAR/APR 2018 Quarterly 2 JOURNAL OF TEACHING EDUCATION 69 3 MAY/JUNE 2018 Quarterly College of Business (COB) Count Title Volume No. Date Frequency 1 AMCHAM BUSINESS JOURNAL 93 6 JUNE 2018    Monthly 2 AMCHAM BUSINESS JOURNAL 96 7 JULY 2018 Bi-Monthly College of Liberal Arts (CLA) Count Title Volume No. Date Frequency 1 ASIAN JRL OF POLITICAL SCIENCE 26 2 AUG 2018 Quarterly 2 ETHICAL PERSPECTIVES 21 1 MAR  2018 Monthly 3 GLOBAL SOCIETY 32 3 JULY  2018 Quarterly 4 JRL OF CROSS-CULTIRAL PSYCHOLOGY 49 6 JULY 2018 Monthly 5 JRL OF CROSS-CULTIRAL PSYCHOLOGY 49 7 AUG 2018 Monthly 6 JRL OF  POLITICAL ECONOMY