LGBT Pride 2013

American Corner Manila observed June 2013 as the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender [LGBT] Pride Month. An awareness forum was held last June 28, 2013 to fairly understand the issues faced by LGBTs, its impact to their individuality and to generally recognize what they all have been fighting for. De La Salle University professor and an active member of the LADLAD political party, Mr. Anastacio Marasigan, Jr., graced the event as the resource speaker.

Mr. Marasigan stated that LGBTs are generally tolerated within the Filipino society but a widespread discrimination remains. He touched on controversial issues from discrimination, religion, same-sex marriages, violence and sexual abuse. He noted that while some companies in the Philippines already have an existing “safe” workplace programs for the LGBTs, the country still has a huge room for improvement to achieve the current status of LGBT safe spaces within America and Europe.

The forum was actively participated by the members of the DLSU Queer Archer’s Alliance, an organization whose mission is to provide safe haven for LGBTs as they raise questions to the issues related to the topic.