Lasallians mean business

The De La Salle University has been known in producing graduates who excelled in their fields. Among other domains, Lasallians are known to be exemplars in business and finance. The combination of holistic curriculum and values inculcated among the minds of their students is a perfect formula in molding responsible and principled entrepreneurs.

As a mark of respect to these Lasallians and in line with the Philippine Business Week, the Learning Commons put up an exhibit entitled “Lasallians Mean Business”. The exhibit features DLSU alumni who excelled in business and other related fields.  On display are books and journals on business as well as undergraduate theses of and articles about the featured alumni. The exhibit is housed at the 10th floor of the Henry Sy Sr. Hall and will run until 31 July 2013. 

Among the display are Top 15000 corporations: the Philippines as emerging market (standing), various journals on business (scattered and piled) and undergraduate thesis of Ambassador Jose L. Cuisa Jr. (red), Mr. Deogracias N. Vistan (blue), Mr. George T. Yang (brown) and Mr. Martin P. Bonoan (green)