Live at the Libraries: Open Mic (Spoken Words)

The Libraries  in ​partnership with the United International Student Organization (UNISTO)  invites all faculty members, students and staff to watch Live at the Libraries  featuring Open Mic (Spoken Word): an open performance of homegrown DLSU talents to be held on 16 February 2017, Thursday6:00PM- 8:00PM at the Exhibit Area, The Learning Commons, 6th Floor, Henry Sy Sr. Hall.

Live at the Libraries is an initiative to promote appreciation of culture and the arts through live performances, such as musical performance, dance performance, and poetry slams.  It aims to increase awareness and appreciation of the library as a ​social and cultural space.

​​Interested performers
 are requested to kindly fill out this online registration form. Registration ends at 5:00PM on 11 February 2017.