Upcoming Event: IamInfoSMART 2015: Amazing Race (Year 3)

The IamInfoSMART Amazing Race is back for year 3!

As part of the IamInfoSMART campaign of making every Lasallian information literate, the Libraries will hold the IamInfoSMART Amazing Race on 06 November 2015 (Friday), 1:00pm with the start line at the 6th floor Exhibit Area of The Learning Commons, Henry Sy, Sr. Hall.

Based on the reality TV series, the contest will lead contestants to different sections of The Learning Commons, where they must perform various tasks in a race against other teams. This activity aims to teach students how to (1) determine the nature and extent of information needed; (2) find and locate the needed information effectively and efficiently; (3) evaluate information sources; and (4) use information ethically and legally.

  • The contest is open to all bona-fide DLSU undergraduate students.
  • Interested participants should form a team of three and sign up either online, through email (library@dlsu.edu.ph) or enlist at the Information-Reference Desk at the 7th floor of the Learning Commons.
  • The official list of teams will be announced via email and the Libraries’ social media sites. Participants will also receive an email notification regarding the details of the event.
  • During the race, there will be pit stop clues and challenges. Pit stops are the different areas located within The Learning Commons.
  • Team members are to work together to solve each clue and successfully complete each task to be able to get the next clue to the next destination.
  • Each team must get a stamp at every pit stop.
  • The first team to reach the final pit stop with complete stamps will be declared the winner.
Registration Deadline
04 November 2015 (Wednesday)
Meet-the-Team Photo Shoot and Pre-Race Briefing
05 November 2015​ (Thursday)
IamInfoSmart Amazing Race
06 November 2015​ (Friday)

More information on other upcoming IamInfoSMART events will be posted in our Library Newsette and Facebook page

For more details and inquiries, please contact The Libraries at loc. 620 or send an email to library@dlsu.edu.ph.