DLSU Librarians Present Research Outputs at CLIS 2020

Librarians of the De La Salle University (DLSU) had once again displayed their mettle in the field of research by showcasing their research outputs in the Conference of Library and Information Studies (CLIS) held last July 2-3, 2020. In its inaugural staging this year, this conference featured the theme “Transforming Library Spaces” to stress the importance of informal learning spaces that libraries offer, which now transcends beyond physical spaces and incorporates virtual/digital environment made possible by technological developments.

CLIS 2020 was jointly organized by DLSU Libraries and the Philippine Normal University Library and Information Science Alumni Association (PNULISAA) to promote research and collaboration among Philippine librarians. This 2-day online conference, held in partnership with CE-Logic and C&E Publishing, Inc., was attended by more than 500 participants. A total of 11 DLSU librarians presented six research outputs. 

List of Paper Titles and Paper Presenters from DLSU:

Library Space Design Framework:  A Conceptual Analysis

Ms. Roana Marie L. Flores

Mr. Simon V. De Leon

Ms. Marita G. Valerio

Academic Library as an Innovation Hub: A Critical Analysis of Literature from 2011 to 2019

Ms. Jojie A. Gonda

Ms. Kate Lora Q. Cruz

Exploring Students’ Use of Informal Learning Spaces in an Academic Library

Ms. Agnes S. Barsaga

Ms. Kate Lora Q. Cruz

Mapping Space Utilization in an Academic Library

Ms. Ana Maria B. Fresnido 

Ms. Ma. Nancy D. Pieda, DLSU-DasmariƱas

What to Do and Where to Go?: A Library Signage Audit to Improve User Experience (UX) in Wayfinding 

Mr. John Louie T. Zabala

Ms. Vivian C. Soriente

Safety First At The Libraries – Utilization of Design Checklist as a Tool for Promotion and Enhancement of Library Design, Safety and Security

Mr. Yugosto A. Balbas

Mr. Luis Ezra D. Cruz

Originally, CLIS was scheduled as a physical conference to be held at Balai Indang in Cavite. However, due to restrictions brought about by the current COVID-19 pandemic, the organizers decided not to pursue with the initial plan. Instead, they decided to take a different route and conduct this continuing professional development activity online via Zoom. This shift to online modality did not dampen the enthusiasm of the library community as evidenced by a high number of attendees at the online conference. The DLSU librarians were able to present their respective studies and promote the importance of library spaces, be it physical and virtual, in the delivery of services and programs to our patrons.

As one of the presenters, it was a delight to represent DLSU Libraries for the very first time in this kind of professional activity. Knowing that DLSU librarians are active in producing and writing quality research outputs, the pressure is on for newly-hired librarians like me to also continue this tradition. I saw firsthand that there exists a great culture of collaboration in research writing among DLSU librarians. The transition for me was seamless as I was able to partner with a senior librarian in writing and producing a paper for the conference. 

Meanwhile, delivering a paper online, I believe, was a new thing for almost all the presenters. It was an interesting experience and very different compared to presenting your paper in a physical conference. Interacting with the participants was especially challenging because you cannot see their reactions during the presentation. Also, because everyone was muted, the eerie quietness while presenting was a bit unnerving. I thought for some time during my presentation that I lost my internet connection which fortunately did not happen and I just needed to adjust on the fly. 

All in all, DLSU Libraries and PNULISAA did an outstanding job in harnessing the features of the online platform to deliver an engaging and fruitful conference. Kudos to all the organizers, presenters, participants, and sponsors of the CLIS 2020 for making this endeavor a very successful one. 

Looking forward to CLIS 2021!

Zoom Photo of the CLIS Organizers and Speakers  
Image by PNULISAA via Facebook

Luis Ezra D. Cruz
Media Services Librarian
The Learning Commons, De La Salle University Libraries

Views expressed are the opinions of the author and do not represent endorsement by De La Salle University.