IamInfoSMART Amazing Race 2017: Registration is Now Open.

As part of the IamInfoSMART campaign of making every Lasallian information literate, the Libraries will hold the IamInfoSMART Amazing Race on 24 November 2017 (Friday), 1:00pm with the start line at the Exhibit Area of The Learning Commons, 6th floor, Henry Sy Sr. Hall.

Based on the reality TV series, the contest will lead contestants to different sections of The Learning Commons, where they must perform various tasks in a race against other teams. This activity aims to teach students how to (1) determine the nature and extent of information needed; (2) find and locate the needed information effectively and efficiently; (3) evaluate information sources; and (4) use information ethically and legally.

·         The contest is open to all bona-fide DLSU students, faculty and staff.
·         Twelve (12) teams of three (3) members are the participants for this game. Teams are from academic and non-academic departments.
·         Participants may register online, call The Libraries at local 620 or send an email at library@dlsu.edu.ph
·         The race takes two (2) hours to complete.
·         Before the start of the game, all participants need to attend a short poster presentation to be given by the librarians.
·         There will be designated pit stops within the Learning Commons. 
·         There will be a total of eight (8) pit stops.
·         Pit stop challenges are readable through quick response (QR) codes. Participants are encouraged to bring their handheld gadgets throughout the race.
·         A task will be given in each pit stop and the clue for the next destination will be given after completing the task.
·         An InfoSMART Green card will be given to each team and always make sure that it gets stamped when the team reaches a pit stop, else the team will be asked to return to the previous stop to have it stamped.
·         In doing the tasks, only resources available within the Libraries (print or electronic/online) can be used.
·         Guidelines while playing
o    Avoid creating noise and movements that may disturb other library users.
o    Do not go to the next stop without receiving the clue. 
o    If an emergency arises, call any of the facilitators and/or security.
o    Do not let other teams to see your clue.
o    No cell phones may be used during the game.
o    Do not leave any team members behind.
o    Do not sabotage/interrupt other teams by giving them false information regarding the stops/tasks.
·         Each team will be given four (4) Ask LORA lifelines.
·         They may use these lifelines if they to ask assistance from the librarians assigned at the 7F-10F.

First Prize
Second Prize
Third Prize

More information on other upcoming IamInfoSMART events will be posted in our Library Newsette and Facebook page

For more details and inquiries, you may Chat with LORA, send an email to library@dlsu.edu.ph, or call local 620.