The Libraries Conducts Workshop on Online Surveys and Excel Tricks

The Libraries conducted reskilling and upskilling workshops for faculty and graduate students held on 12 November 2016 at Phinma E-Classroom, Room 303, Miguel Building. Ms. Janice Peňaflor, Collection Development Librarian of DLSU Libraries conducted two workshops on (1) Surveys 101: tips on improving your online surveys and, (2) Excel tricks for managing and analyzing data. A total of thirteen participants attended the said workshops. 

Ms. Peňaflor discussed the step-by-step processes in creating online survey forms, including how to apply aesthetics to personalize the online forms. She tackled the different types of survey questions from questions that require short answers to questions that are answerable through multiple choice grid, and how to create them in Google Forms. 

Also, Ms. Peňaflor systematically presented the different features of MS Excel that would help the participants manage and analyze their data.  She further taught them how to use different formula, like the measures of central tendencies and extracting percentages. Because the participants were so interested to learn new Excel tricks, the workshop went beyond the two-hour schedule. All participants expressed their thanks and appreciation for this Libraries’ new offering.