Self-service Printing Facility at The Learning Commons

As part of its initiatives to expand its readers' services, the Libraries is pleased to announce that the self-service printing facility is now available at The Learning Commons.

Self-service printing allows patrons to manage their own printing needs from any of the public terminals/laptops or from one's personal device to any of the PaperCut printing stations at The Learning Commons. Printing stations are currently located at the 7th, 9th and 10th floors, Henry Sy Sr. Hall

To begin using the facility, patrons must first purchase and redeem a PaperCut ticket/card available at the service counters at the 6th (Information Desk), 7th (Information-Reference), 9th (Periodicals) and 10th (Archives) floors. Please follow the steps on how to use the Web Printing Service HERE.  

A copy of the Guidelines on Self-Service Printing may be accessed HERE.