DLSU Librarians attend the ALIEP 2016 Conference

The Asia-Pacific Conference on Library & Information Education and Practice held its 7th International Conference (A-LIEP 2016) at the Nanjing University (Xianlin Campus), Nanjing, China on November 3-4, 2016. Said conference was organized by Nanjing University, China, hosted by School of Information Management, Nanjing University Nanjing University Library, in collaboration with Nanjing Agricultural University, China Nanjing University of Science & Technology, China.

With the theme Innovation in Library & Information Science in the Age of Big Data, this conference had three tracks: LIS Education, LIS Practice and LIS Research with the aim of continuing “the tradition of examining new challenges and developments in LIS, in particular potential paradigm shifts in the age of big data.” (ALIEP 2016) Two librarians, Janice Peñaflor and Justina Garcia, presented their paper entitled Resource Sharing in the Digital Era: Perspectives and Practices in Philippine Academic Libraries under the theme LIS Practice during the parallel session on the second day of the conference.

Around 130 participants (professors, librarians and graduate students) from 12 different countries mostly from the Asia Pacific region have attended this event. This conference proved to be a great venue for researchers, practitioners and students to share their common and unique experiences in the areas of LIS education and research. The participants, through the presentations, surely were able to have an enhanced understanding about wide range of issues in LIS education/profession because of the new challenges and developments presented by the speakers. Apart from the new knowledge gained, the participants were also able to build new connections and expand their professional network.