Trial access to Bankscope

The trial access to Bankscope is now available until 21 April  2014.

Bankscope is a comprehensive, global database of banks’ financial statements, ratings and intelligence. It combines comprehensive data with flexible software for searching and analysing banks.  It contains detailed financial information for top public and private European, North American, Japanese, Russian and other major banks.

To access the database in and off campus via your Internet browser, please visit the Library's homepage at

Please note that during the trial access the data from Bankscope can only be displayed and cannot be downloaded.

When you have tried Bankscope, please click and accomplish this Online Feedback Form (indicate Bankscope in the 'Name of online article/journal/ebook database and/or tool' field).

Your feedback/recommendations/comments will truly be helpful in deciding whether or not the Library shall subscribe to this database.