The Libraries are now subscribed to SciFinder

We are pleased to announce to the community that SciFinder is now available in and off campus.

SciFinder provides easy access to the world’s largest and most comprehensive collection of chemistry-related information. It supports research with intellectually analyzed content and tools from the highest quality and most timely scientific information source.

Faculty and students using SciFinder can explore a wealth of valuable data:
  • More than 60 million organic and inorganic substances with related substance information
  • Information about organometallics, total syntheses of natural products, and biotransformation reactions as well as information concerning reaction conditions, yields, and catalysts
  • 44.3 million predicted C-NMR spectra and 44.3 million predicted proton NMR spectra, in addition to the 3 billion predicted and experimental properties, spectra, and data tags already available
  • More than 46 million single-and multi-step reactions and synthetic preparations, from more than 840,000 journal articles and patents with reaction information
  • Extensive coverage of patent (and patent family) references from 61 patent authorities around the world
  • Access to MEDLINE
  • Links to electronic full-text articles and patents
  • Links to hundreds of commercial chemical suppliers for ordering commercially available chemicals
SciFinder has an alert service that notifies you of new information on the topics or substances of your choice. You will stay on top of new scientific breakthroughs with SciFinder as the CAS databases are updated daily with 12,000-15,000 substances and more than 3,000 references.

A one-time registration using a MyLasalle email account, i.e., is required before you can access the database. Please visit the Library's homepage at to create your registration details (see ‘Click here to register’) and confirm through email. You may access SciFinder thereafter (see ‘Click here to Login’).