Trace Effects @ The American Corner

A group of students from the Dr. Carlos S. Lanting College visited the Corner last 2 February 2013 and were very glad to meet the newest addition to the formidable team of the American Corner, Trace.

Now, who’s Trace? He’s the main character of an interactive 3D game titled, Trace Effects.  Set in the year 2045, Trace is a university student, who, accidentally travelled back in time to the present. For him to get home, he must complete a set of challenging missions to change the future. Gamers are given sets of chapter objectives to accomplish by interacting and solving puzzles in a virtual world filled with English-speaking characters.

Trace Effects exposes users to American society and discover themes related to entrepreneurship, community activism, empowering women, science and innovation, environmental conservation, and conflict resolution.

After competing spiritedly in groups, Mariella Zulueta, Ezekiel Alcantara and Annie Reyes got the highest score and emerged as victors of the game.
Here’s what the players had to say about the game:

“I really had a good time playing the game. It really helped me how to communicate correctly with other people. It also had a good animation and effects.” – Karl Joy Otiong

“The game is designed for all ages so everyone can play it. I feel the fun, joy and excitement of this game. This is very helpful especially to students in terms of learning to communicate  well with others.” – Sheena Fae Lacdan

“I enjoyed playing it.  At first, I had difficulties with the controls, for instance how can I move the character on the screen. As I continued playing the game I got the hang of it. The animation and effects were really great. I like! – Aljoshua Alcantara

“The game was exciting because of its special effects and sound. One can learn how to communicate well. Also, you will think of things you need to do to accomplish the objectives well.” - Mariella Zulueta

“The game is cool and also fun to play. This game helps a lot in educating students in communicating with people.” – Ezekiel Alcantara

“The game was interesting. It was quite thrilling.” – Alvin Carandang

“The game was awesome and I think it can help the students to improve their communication skills.” – Jasper Ocampo

“The game was enjoyable. It has good sound effects and design.” – Anthonette Phua

Want to experience the game yourself? Come and visit the Corner at the 13/F Henry Sy Sr. Hall, Learning Commons.  See you there!