M.L. Krainz: One Special Collection

The turnover ceremonies of the M.L. Krainz Collection was held last 5 February 2013 at the 13/F of the Learning Commons, Henry Sy, Sr. Hall.  Br. Ricardo P. Laguda FSC whole-heartedly accepted the books from the donor, Ms. Maria Lourdes Cordero-Krainz and her husband Mr. Paul Krainz.  The event was witnessed by faculty members of the Theology and Religious Education Dept. and the librarians of the Learning Commons.

In his message, Br. Ricky said that in this age of technology where most are in electronic format, DLSU Learning Commons continues to acquire printed books, as such the project Turn 1 into Million Book Drive.  It is for these that the Learning Commons and the whole DLSU community are thankful to people like Ms. Cordero-Krainz, who unselfishly share their most precious book collection.

Ms. Karen Victoria-Natividad, Coordinator of the Archives, shared to the audience an overview of the collection.  She described the collection as rare, yet diverse (in terms of subject areas).

The collection is an additional treasure indeed to the DLSU Learning Commons as it contains various collection of materials on St. Peter Julian Eymard , a theology collection which features the Old and New Testament books, books on the saints, Papal compendium, Catholic catechism books all artfully and delightfully designed for children, and a collection of reference resources (which includes a dictionary that took 20 years to come off the press). Fr. Herman Henricks’-initiated autographed series is also part of the collection as well as education books. A collection of art books are also included containing literary works and works of art assuredly represented in coffee table sizes; and, books in different topics, such  as the Love affairs of the Vatican, Gina Lollobrigida, and Imelda Marcos among others.

One very important book in M.L. Krainz collection is the Book of Kells. The Book is a tiny manuscript, written in Latin around the Middle Ages--circa AD800 on calfskin – containing the four Gospels of the New Testament. What the collection has is a reprint of the original which is on permanent display at Trinity University in Dublin, Ireland considered to be Ireland’s greatest treasure. 

M.L. Krainz Collection constitutes a first opportunity for the Learning Commons to possess, as most of the items in the donation are titles currently not held; thereby filling the gaps and further strengthening the University resources. It likewise contributes to scholarly content while increasing traditional resources in print format and definitely supports the teaching, research and scholarship goals of the University and helps in the development of its core collections, aside from fulfilling the dream to reach one million book collections for the Learning Commons.