Monday, January 14, 2013

A new librarian at the Reference Desk, ready to serve!

Ms. Yani Ramos-Eclevia
Marian Ramos Eclevia (aka Yani) is back to where she first started her career as a licensed librarian about twelve years ago- De La Salle University Library. She is now one of the associate librarians at the Information-Reference of The Learning Commons.

Same with many other librarians in the field, Library and Information Science is not Yani's first choice. During her younger years, she dreamt of becoming a bank manager, a farmer, or a Math teacher. But fate has taken its course to make this resilient person into an innovative and proactive reference librarian of her generation. It was during her stint in DLSU Archives when she finally decided to fall in love with librarianship as she placed 7th in the Librarians Licensure Examination 2000. Since then, she has committed herself to excellence with a personal motto of "just love every little thing you do and give your best shot."

Yani, who has more than one decade of extensive experience in information-reference services in academic library environment, has earned her Bachelor of Library Science (2000) and Master of Library and Information Science (2005) from the University of the Philippines Diliman. She previously held positions of College Librarian and Senior Lecturer on the same University.

An advocate of information literacy and open access information resources, she participated in a three-month international training called the Scientific and Technological Information Management in Universities and Libraries: an Active Training Environment (STIMULATE) held in Brussels, Belgium in June-August 2005. As research-oriented librarian, she has published works including Outsourcing Library Technical Services Operations: Practices in Academic and Special Libraries in Metro Manila, Reference 2.0 in Action: an Evaluation of the Digital Reference Services in Selected Philippine Academic Libraries, The Reference Librarian is Now Online!: Understanding Librarians’ Perceptions of Quality Chat Reference Using Critical Incident Technique (for printing). Her research interests include use and user studies, digital reference services, collection analysis, citation analysis, and digital access to information/knowledge.

She has been a speaker in various seminars and conferences for information professionals specializing reference and information services, electronic resources, information literacy, library instruction, and access to information. She also has presented papers at the Conference on GenNext Libraries 2012 in Brunei; 5th Rizal Library International Conference 2012; and, 77th International Federation of Library Associations World Library and Information Congress 2011 in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

A UP Gawad Chanselor 2012 awardee and an accredited KBP broadcaster, Yani was one of the anchors of the LibRadio: Librarians sa Radyo, DZUP 1602. She is also currently the Vice-President of the Philippine Association of Research/Librarians, Inc. (PAARL).

Inspired by her mentors and loved ones, Yani is ready to take big steps forward to grow professionally and contribute to the further development of The DLSU-Learning Commons where the future begins for life-long learners.


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