Monday, June 5, 2017

Video Pick of the Week (5-10 June 2017): Basura Dapat ay Pakinabangan

In ​line with the No Impact Experiment Exhibit, the Libraries proudly presents, Basura Dapat ay Pakinabangan, a documentary ​produced by Presidential Task Force on Waste Management, Recycling Movement of the Philippines, as ​​Video Pick of theWeek. It will run from ​5-10 June 2017 at the TV corner, The Learning Commons, 6th floor, Henry Sy Sr. Hall​.​

This film discusses proper waste disposal and recycling processes, such that plastic, glass and paper can be sorted, bottles can be reused to save energy, and organic waste can be turned into beneficial compost​ (from source video).

Video Pick of the Week is an initiative to promote media and information literacy in the academic community. It also aims to promote the audiovisual collection of the Instructional Media Services (IMS) of the Libraries.

For inquiries, you may Chat with LORA, send an email to, or contact Mr. Yugosto Balbas, IMS Coordinator, at local 370.


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