D. Labangon Attended the American Spaces Workshop I in Vienna

The American Spaces worldwide are seen as essential partners for engaging local audiences in conducting public diplomacy and exemplifying democracy through ensuring every citizen has free access to information. The De La Salle University Libraries is a proud home to this dynamic space — the American Corner (AC) Manila. The said space is one of the fourteen (14) AC’s spread throughout the key cities in the Philippines.

American Spaces staffs are primarily responsible for planning and executing projects and activities that are anchored to foreign policy goals of mutual concern in the United States and the Philippines. Managing dynamic spaces requires knowledgeable and skilled staff. With the continuous support of the U.S. Embassy in Manila, Public Affairs Section, AC Manila’s reference librarian, Ms. Donna Lyn G. Labangon was recommended to attend the American Spaces Workshop I — Introduction to Management, Programming and Digital Outreach from June 06 —10, 2016 at Amerika Haus in Vienna, Austria.

The workshop was designed to help American Spaces personnel to develop strategic plans linked to foreign policy goals, use and manage digital platforms to engage audiences, create and design innovative programming and explore new technologies that promotes experiential learning such as makerspaces tools and use of Smithsonian content.

The week was filled with case studies in small groups, design challenges, creating shareable digital content, rotating team makerspace exercises and group project presentation. Instructors were from the Office of American Spaces, Information Resource Officers (IROs), International Information Program (IIP) and Smithsonian Institute.