Diplomatic Dialogues Series #1 – Women in Diplomacy: Do women make better diplomats?

To celebrate  Women’s Month, Ambassador Delia D. Albert inaugurated her “Diplomatic Dialogues” series with the theme, “Women in Diplomacy: Do Women Make Better Diplomats?” The event took place on the 31st day of March 2016 at the European Documentation Centre. The event also celebrated the first anniversary of the Delia D. Albert collection at the Libraries. 

In coordination with the Department of Foreign Affairs, four career women Ambassadors were invited and graced the event as panelists; Grace Relucio-Princesa, former Philippine Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates; Maria Rosario Aguinaldo, former Philippine Ambassador to the Republic of Indonesia; Rosalinda Valenton-Tirona, former Philippine Ambassador to Nairobi, Kenya; and Monina Callangan-Rueca, former Philippine Ambassador to Hungary. The Turkish Ambassador to the Philippines, Amb. Esra Cankorur, was also present during the event as  guest. The distinguished women diplomats shared their impressive experiences from their overseas posts as well as the exceptional feats they accomplished during their terms. Hence, inspiring the International Studies students, our future diplomats, who were keenly listening during the said panel discussion. It was also noted during the discussion that the Philippines maintains its position as  Asia’s best performing country in narrowing the  gender gap.

Students were represented by a team of four panelists; Catherine Lukasewski, President, The Organization for American Studies; Raul Gideon Hipolito, Secretariat, The Organization for American Studies; Maria Reena Llanillo, Director for External Planning and Linkages, European Studies Association; and Maria Rosalba Legowo, Member, United International Students Organization. Each student was given the opportunity to ask our lady diplomats questions that range from their most embarrassing moment to a more serious inquiry regarding challenging issues faced while active on their posts.

Administrators of the De La Salle University were also present headed by Br. Raymundo Suplido FSC, President and Ms. Kai Shan Fernandez, Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Services.  Professor Rodrigo served as moderator for the panel discussion.