Please Cite It Right! : The Librarians' Game

DSC00337.JPGOn the fourth day of the IamInfoSMART 2015 (06 November 2015), DLSU librarians and staff were given the chance to play, learn, and win in an exciting game that gauged their knowledge and understanding on the social, ethical and legal issues of information use. Four groups composed of 13 librarians and three library staff from the different library units competed for the top spot in the Please Cite It Right!, a game for librarians.

DSC00331.JPGThere were a total of three rounds, namely: Contestant’s Row, Let’s Cite It, and Guilty as Charged. In Contestant’s Row, the
players were asked questions related to referencing/citation, plagiarism, and copyright. In Let’s Cite It!, the contestants were tasked to identify what type of citation was flashed in the screen. Guilty as Charged, on the other hand, tested each group’s knowledge on the different types of research misconduct violations (e.g. patchworking, falsification, self-plagiarism, misquoting, etc).

DSC00340.JPGWith the highest accumulated points at the end of three rounds, Team LORA won the championship. This team is composed of Minette Vinzon (Readers’ Services), Cynthia Cordova (Technical Services), Agnes Barsaga (Technical Services), and Jorge Rada (STC Libraries). Team TOM members Carlo Uy (Technical Services), Lulu del Mar (Archives), Avelino Dancalan (Systems Services), and Jojie Gonda (Technical Services) finished second. Marita Valerio (Technical Services), Joseph Yap (Instructional Media Services), Justina Garcia (Technical Services), and Yugosto Balbas (Systems Services) of Team SciTRA were the third placers. Lastly, Lorie Laxa (Technical Services), Purisima Fernando (Archives), Vivian Soriente (Readers’ Services), and Karen Natividad (Technical Services) of Team RIA ended up in the fourth place.

While gauging the library personnel’s information literacy skills, this activity also aimed to promote teamwork, camaraderie, and sportsmanship among librarians and staff through competitions.