Trial Access to Mary Ann Liebert, Inc.

We are pleased to announce to the community that the trial access to Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. is now available until​ 20 July 2015.

Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. publishers offer access to over 75 high-quality, cutting-edge journals that span the disciplines of Biotechnology; Biomedical Research/Life Sciences; Clinical Medicine and Surgery; Integrative Medicine; Law, Economics, and Education; Technology and Engineering; Public Health and Policy; and Sustainability and Environmental Studies.

To access the database in and off campus via your Internet browser, please visit the Libraries' homepage at

Once Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. has been tried, kindly click and accomplish this Online Feedback Form (indicate Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. at the field: Name of online article/journal/ebook database and/or tool).

Your feedback/recommendations/comments will greatly help in evaluating whether or not to officially subscribe to this service.