Friday, July 3, 2015

Trial Access to ​China Academic Journals Full-text Database​ and ​​China Doctoral Dissertations Full-text Database & China Masters' Theses Full-text Database

We are pleased to announce to the community that the trial access to China Academic Journals Full-text Database (CJFD) and China Doctoral Dissertations Full-text Database & China Masters' Theses Full-text Database (CDMD) are now available until 22 August 2015

CJFD​ is the world's largest database of Chinese journals containing more than 9,760 Journals, covering subjects such as Literature, Law/Politics, History, Social Science, Economics and many more.

​CDMD is the most comprehensive, highest quality, continuously updated doctor dissertations database in China offering more than 255 thousand doctoral dissertations from 420 doctor degree grantors and 1.9 million masters' theses from 645 master granting institutions.

To access the database​s in and off campus via your Internet browser, please visit the Libraries homepage at

Once C​JFD/CDMD habeen tried, kindly click and accomplish this Online Feedback Form (indicate either​ ​CJFD or CDMD at the field: Name of online article/journal/ebook database and/or tool).

Your feedback/recommendations/comments will greatly help in evaluating whether or not to officially subscribe to this service.

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