Friday, May 15, 2015

Tweak! : Achieving Work Excellence through Personal Growth & Development

The Libraries successfully concluded its Annual Staff Training Development Workshop with the theme, "Tweak! : Achieving Work Excellence through Personal Growth & Development", held on 5 May 2015 at The Learning Commons.

This year's theme focuses on the importance of good professional image development in the workplace through personality development. The event is designed specifically to enhance library personnel's image thorough power dressing and grooming; and improve library personnel's social skills in the workplace through effective communication skills.

Ms. Ma. Corazon S. Doloroso, Founder, Cora Doloroso Career Center & Consultant, Languages Internationale shared her expertise on Personality Development, particularly on proper grooming and effective communication skills. Her lecture, covers self-assessment, visual poise, styling, presenting ideas persuasively, asserting oneself and giving clear direction. To engage the audience, Ms. Doloroso  combined  lectures, demonstrations and actual involvement of participants during the session. 

Ms. Marilou Delos Reyes and Ms. Marinelle Naluz, Mary Kay representatives taught both men and women participants' initial procedures for hand cleansing and facial cleansing using Mary Kay products. Followed by the actual makeup session, wherein women participants learned the procedures on proper makeup application.

The staff personnel who joined the event were satisfied and enjoyed the activities prepared for them. Participants gained new ideas from the training workshop that would help to increase their confidence, allowing them to perform and excel better at work.

To validate participants new learning's, certificates of participation were distributed after the activity.


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