MJP in the Filipino Film Industry

Joining in the ranks of the Libraries’ distinguished Special Collections the realm of Filipino film industry is Michael Joaquin Parsons. His contribution to the film arena mostly took place in the 1960s after he decided to leave the molasses business of his family. He soon dedicated himself in acting and producing movies. He starred on three American films that were shot in the Philippines namely, Too Late the Hero; Beach Red; and High Velocity.His donated collection mainly consisted of film albums that he purposely arranged after he started their papermaking operation in Baguio. Researchers may find some newspaper clippings included within a few of the albums, several of them giving accounts of some films making its way to German film festivals as well as to the prestigious Filipino Academy of Movie Arts and Sciences Awards (FAMAS) distinctions.In the films listed below, Michael Joaquin Parsons either played a role or produced the movie. When the film is listed as having been produced by Filipinas Productions, it is an earlier company to that which followed, MJP Productions. [The following data was provided by his brother, Peter Parsons]

    Target 111
Directed by Eddie Romero; Director of Photography, Arsenio Doña; Music by Tito Arevalo; released through CSFO.
Starring: Leopoldo Salcedo, Efren Reyes, Eddie Mesa, Liza Moreno, Mike Parsons.
Co-starring: Oscar Keesee, Jennings Sturgeon.
     Raiders of Leyte Gulf
Directed by EF Romero; Screenplay by Romero and Carl Kuntze.
Starring: Mike Parsons. Jennings Sturgeon, Efren Reyes, Leopoldo Salcedo and Liza Moreno.

     Cordillera [1967?]
[Filipinas Productions, in association with Lippert Pictures] Directed by EF Romero and Monte Wellman; Screenplay by Jack Nicholson and EF Romero; Produced by MJP
Starring: Joseph Estrada, Dewey Martin, Robert Arevalo, Juliet Pardo, Fay Spain, Imelda Ilanan

Walls of Hell [1964]

Directed by Gerardo de Leon and EF Romero; Screenplay by Ferde Grofe, EF Romero, and Cesar J. Amigo; Produced by EF Romero;
Starring: Jock Mahoney. Fernando Poe, Jr., Mike Parsons, Cecelia Lopez, Oscar Roncal, Vance Skorstead. Paul  Edwards, Jr.

     The Passionate Strangers [1965]
MJP Productions; Directed and Written by EF Romero
Starring: Mike Parsons, Valora Noland, Celia Rodriguez, Vic Diaz, and Mario Montenegro.
Darmo Solo [1966?]
Directed by J.M. Dagumboy; executive producer, MJP, MJP Productions; Story and Screenplay by Bert Dueñas;
Starring: Tito Galla, Vic Diaz, Joji Crespo, Jose Romulo;
Co-starring: Arsenio Alonzo, Margie Tanguintic, Paquito Salcedo, Angel Buenaventura, Pedro Navarro,
Nemia Velasco;
Featuring: Maria Stanton, Missi Lawson, Renee Ryan, Helene Haines, Oscar Roncal.

     Dakpin Si Pedro Navarro   [1966?]

Directed by Cesar Gallardo; Story and Screenplay by Augusto Buenaventura; Filipinas Productions [MJP]; Music by Ariston Avelino; Photography: Aresenio Doña;

Starring: Cesar Ramirez, Mirian Jurado, Berting Labra, Lauro Delgado, Bernard Bonnin, and Aura Aurea in a special performance.

     Sa Ating and Daigdig  [date?]
Directed by Cesar Amigo; Filipinas Productions [EF Romero, MJP]; Written by EF Romero and Cesar Amigo; Music by Ariston Avelino
Starring: Nida Blanca, Eddie Mesa, Cecilia Lopez, Robert Arevalo, Mike Parsons, Maria Luisa Matute, Leopoldo Salcedo