The IamInfoSMART forum: Ms. Ramos demystifies information literacy

As part of the IamInfoSMART campaign of “Making Every Lasallian Information Literate”, The Libraries conducted a forum entitled “Demystifying Information Literacy” last 26 November 2013 at the 6th floor lobby of The Learning Commons, Henry Sy, Sr. Hall.  

The resource speaker was no less than Ms. Marian R. Eclevia, Coordinator for Readers’ Services of the DLSU Libraries, who has more than a decade of experience in the field of reference and information service. She has earned her Bachelor and Master’s degrees in Library and Information Science from the University of the Philippines.

Ms. Eclevia began her lecture by defining information literacy and its importance and relation to lifelong learning. She then discussed the information literacy cycle, which is a series of steps involving (1) defining questions; (2) identifying sources; (3) searching information; (4) locating information sources; (5) evaluating information; and (6) using and sharing information. After delving into each step, Ms. Eclevia gave a short quiz so that the participants can assess their information literacy skills themselves. The six skills that were assessed relate to the six steps in the information literacy cycle. The scores garnered in the quiz showed that two of them were in the advanced level. Most of them were proficient, few were novice and no person fell under the not-evident level. There was a short question-and-answer forum regarding the talk afterwards.

Aside from DLSU students and staff, many attendees of the free forum belonged to nearby universities like UP-Manila, FEU-Manila and Sta. Clara Parochial School. There are also some who came from the provinces close to Manila. All participants received a treat and snack from the organizers as well as certificate of participation. After this interactive event, they went forth inspired to be more fulfilled information-literate life-long learners.