Online reservation of discussion rooms

The Learning Commons, in its objective to be the University's center for dynamic and collaborative learning and research, has 48 discussion rooms available for the use of the Academic Community in support for social and active learning strategies. A typical discussion room is furnished with a whiteboard and several electrical and network outlets for mobile computing devices. 

To provide a convenient automated system for advanced requests for the rooms, an online booking facility is now made available to all bona fide students, faculty and staff of the University. Online reservation of the rooms will be accommodated starting 10 June 2013.

Please follow these five simple steps to book for a discussion room:

1.   Visit and look for the "Room Bookings" box found on the right side of the page listing down designated floors where bookable discussion rooms are located.
2.   Click the desired floor area to get to the page where you can view availability of the rooms. The page will display the list of discussion rooms on the selected floor and the respective time slots (cells colored green mean that the slots are still available) that they may be booked. The calendar on the left side allows viewing of the rooms' availability for the current day up to the next day.
3.     Click on the desired time slot/s then click "Continue" (found on the lower part of the page).
4.     Fill out the form completely then click "Submit my Booking".
5.    A confirmation link will be sent to the DLSU email address provided on the form. Open email with the subject "[LibCal] Please confirm your booking!" and click on the confirmation link. Wait for the page asking for confirmation to load then click "Yes" to complete the reservation process. Please note that users must confirm reservation within an hour. Unconfirmed reservations will be automatically cancelled.

Guidelines on the use of the discussion rooms may be viewed at