The Peque Gallaga Collection formal turnover

Peque Gallaga browsing
his life's work on display
The Peque Gallaga Collection was formally turned over to De La Salle University in a short ceremony held on April 29, 2013 at the 13th floor of The Learning Commons.

Mr. Maurice Ruiz de Luzuriaga Gallaga, popularly known as Peque Gallaga, a Lasallian and multi-awarded filmmaker, claimed of coming to full circle by donating his prized collection to the  DLSU Library. According to him, this is his way of going back and giving back to where everything started, i.e., to the Library, being his source of inspiration and passion.

The ceremony provided a background to the collection and a very entertaining dramatic reading of select scenes in Gallaga’s acclaimed movie Oro, Plata, Mata by the Harlequin Theater Guild was presented.  The signing of a memorandum of agreement by Mr. Gallaga, Br. Bernard Oca FSC, Vice Chancellor for Lasallian Mission, and Dr. Dominador Bombongan, Jr., Dean of College of Liberal Arts was also held. The ceremony was attended by family and friends of Peque Gallaga, Co-director Lore Reyes, Assistant Director Jo Macasa and some members of DLSU community.

After the MOA signing:
Dr. Dominador Bombongan, Jr., Mr. Peque Gallaga
and Br. Bernard Oca FSC
The Peque Gallaga Collection contributes to the growing film-themed special collections of De La Salle University’s The Learning Commons. The collection reflects the vibrant life of Mr. Gallaga as a filmmaker and also as an educator of film and theater. It provides a glimpse of the components of filmmaking industry – the scripts, sketch pads, shot lists, production designs, shoot schedules, promotional materials and the like. It also showcases memorabilia collection affirming his remarkable contribution to the industry such as medals, certificates, plaques and trophies awarded to him through decades. Bulk of the collection, however, is the compilation of still photos from the different movies he directed.

The Oro, Plata, Mata storyboard
on exhibit
Films included in the collection cover various genres, from the supernatural themes to the controversial ones such as the horror films Impaktita, Tiyanak and episodes from the Shake, Rattle and Roll series; the drama Isang Araw Walang Diyos; daring movies such as Scorpio Nights, Virgin Forest, and Unfaithful Wife; the fantasy family films Magic Temple and Once Upon a Time; and the comedy film Pinoy Blonde.

Considered to be the highlights of the Peque Gallaga Collection are materials related to one of Philippine cinema’s masterpieces, the Oro Plata Mata, a renowned film both locally and internationally. The materials comprise the script, albums of still photos, promotional posters and the precious Rodel Cruz storyboard for the fight finale.

Another notable material in the collection is the original script of “A Fire in the Soul: a Cantata,” a play he directed in celebration of the De La Salle University’s centennial year.

Peque Gallaga and Br. Bernard Oca
The Peque Gallaga collection is definitely a treasure of film resources to students and researchers. Br. Bernard Oca, in his message, proudly recognized the achievements of Mr. Gallaga and expressed gratitude for his valuable donation to the library. He fondly shared stories about the young Peque in DLSU and his early interest in films. He also hopes that through the collection, a new breed of filmmakers in a Peque Gallaga-like caliber arises.