Languages Matter! : An exhibit on Philippine languages opens at the DLSU Learning Commons

On the 27th of May 2013, the Learning Commons joined the Linguistics Society of the Philippines (LSP), Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL), Department of Education (DepEd) and the De La Salle University – College of Education, as they re-affirmed their commitment in promoting sustainable language development in the country by way of opening an exhibit on Philippine Languages.  

Mr. Jason Griffiths
describes the general status of
Philippine languages today
Mr. Jason Griffiths, the Director of SIL, introduced the nationwide scope of this fascinating exhibit, explaining how each color represents our language vitality. In the Philippines, the number of individual languages listed is 185. Of these, 181 are living and 4 are already extinct. He further noted that of the living languages, 43 are institutional, 70 are developing, 45 are vigorous, 13 are in trouble, and 10 are dying. He also encouraged the community to help spread the word in pursuing language and culture research.

Apart from the formal opening of the exhibit, the Learning Commons has also forged its partnership with the Linguistics Society of the Philippines (LSP) in a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) signing on the digitization of its information materials. Present to sign the MOA are Dr. Leonila C. Abella, Associate Vice President for Information Resource Management and Dr. Rochelle Irene G. Lucas, Vice Dean, College of Education and President, LSP. 

The exhibit's ribbon-cutting
ceremony with Mr. Jason Griffiths
and Dr. Leonila C. Abella
Dr. Lucas, who spearheaded the event, believes that the exhibition of the great research on the Philippine languages and culture at the Learning Commons is a good way to celebrate the diversity of our vernacular and raise awareness on the variety of our lexicon especially among the Lasallian community.  

The exhibit runs until 8 June 2013.