Re-defining the way we learn : The DLSU Learning Commons’ formal launching

28 February 2013 marked the formal launching of the De La Salle University (DLSU) Learning Commons in its new home, the Henry Sy Sr. Hall. It was well attended by librarians from different institutions, retired and former librarians of DLSU, members of the Lasallian community as well as representatives from the book industry. 

The program started with an invocation by the Learning Commons Choir, composed of DLSU Librarians and Staff.  Ms. Ana Maria B. Fresnido, Director, welcomed visitors to the Learning Commons and gave a brief background and rationale of the building and why it is likened to a “habitable tree.”  A short audio-visual presentation followed featuring the different sections, facilities and amenities of the Learning Commons. 

Br. Ricardo P. Laguda FSC, President and Chancellor of DLSU, in his message said that the Learning Commons is a new way of saying to students that DLSU believes in the future and in the importance of education.  He added that the Learning Commons is a way of re-defining the way of teaching and learning in DLSU.  It is his hope that the Learning Commons will show the academic community the new way of learning and the new way of doing research to be able to contribute to the quality of education that the university envisions.

Visitors were toured around the Learning Commons after the refreshments. Fun and games awaited for them on the 13th floor where they had the chance to win exciting prizes through answering simple trivia questions.

The exhibit was formally opened by Mr. Edwin P. Santiago, AVC for Academic Services and Ms. Perla T. Garcia, former Director of the University Library, assisted by Ms. Ana Maria B. Fresnido. The exhibit showcases snapshots with overview of the Learning Commons. It will run until 26 March 2013 on the 6/F Learning Commons Lobby.

The Learning Commons Choir

Bro. Ricardo P. Laguda delivers
a message to the guests

L to R: Ms. Perla T. Garcia, Ms. Ana Maria B. Fresnido, and
Mr. Edwin P. Santiago opens the exhibit on the Learning Commons

Guests browsing the Learning Commons exhibit