Training Workshop on Bibliometric Analysis Using VOSviewer -- For Librarians

With the many applications of bibliometrics in the area of librarianship and the availability of bibliographic data sources, researcher-librarians would definitely benefit from learning how to use the tools for bibliometric analysis. One of the tools that is available for free is VOSviewer, a software tool for constructing and visualizing bibliometric networks. 

Last 19 February 2021, the Libraries hosted a training session on bibliometric analysis using VOSViewer via Google Meet. This training was attended by 37 librarians including those from other De La Salle Philippines (DLSP) institutions. Ms. Marian Eclevia, Assistant Director for Support Services and a researcher herself, served as the resource person.


In her presentation, Ms. Eclevia discussed the scope, capabilities and limitations of bibliometrics. She tackled the different data sources as well as the focus of bibliometric studies such as publication and productivity, authorship, research topics, and research impact. 

She also conducted a demonstration on how to use VOSviewer. This tool may be used for to visualize bibliometric networks based on co-citation or co-authorship relations, bibliographic coupling and others. Participants were able to follow along with the speaker during the demonstration which served as an online hands-on activity.