Lunch 'N Learn Session 3 2018 YEAR OF THE EARTH DOG: What is your Qi?

As a learning organization, the DLSU Libraries is committed to continually enhance not only the skills of its patrons but also to support community engagement and culture awareness. This year, we commemorate the Year of the Earth Dog, with the celebration of Chinese New Year on February 21-23, 2018.

In the observation of the Year of the Earth Dog, The Libraries in partnership with the Office of Personnel Management, conducted the 3rd session of Lunch ‘N Learn Program last February 28, 2018 at The Learning Commons. The session’s theme was 2018 YEAR OF THE EARTH DOG: What is your Qi? Ms. Yang Wenxia a.k.a. Ada Yan, a faculty member of Confucius Institute, Ateneo de Manila University, and currently, a part time faculty member of International Studies Department of De La Salle University was invited to talk about the importance of Qi. She also discussed the five elements and their relevance to one’s health, business, career, social, and spiritual relationship.

Ms. Ada Yan extensively tackled the historical roots of Qi, the importance of Qi in health, and the ways on how to balance Qi. She further explained how an individual can manage one’s anger, health and emotions through the concept of the Yin & the Yang. This represents the restoration and maintenance of health by keeping the body in balance.

There were twenty (27) participants who attended this activity. They were mostly from the Co-Academic personnel and faculty. Based on their evaluation, it was deemed that this Lunch ‘n Learn session was effective. The information presented in the lecture was one that the audience could not learn from simply reading up on the subject matter. It stimulated the audience to find out more with the introduction of new learnings and perspectives. Looking forward to more sessions that will enhance knowledge towards better quality of service!