Trial Access to Books24x7

The trial access to Books24x7 is now available until 30 August 2017.

Books24x7 includes four collection​s​:
  • BusinessPro™ - Key business content for corporate professionals, covering all aspects of corporate performance support, professional development and key business topics with content from the industry’s leading business publishers.
  • FinancePro™ - Offers instant access to relevant, reliable information on a variety of financial topics that are needed in today’s global, economic environment.
  • EngineeringPro™ - A reference solution that provides scientists and engineers across all disciplines with reliable, quick and  easy online resource for their field of expertise.
  • ItPro™ - Offers thousands of titles covering hundreds of technology topics that users can search, browse and view every word, graphic, code example and table.
One-time user registration is required before you can access the database. Registration REQUIRES a MyLasalle email account (i.e., Please visit the Libraries’ Trial Databases page to access Books24x7 on and off campus via your Internet browser and to create your registration details.

Once Books24x7 has been tried, kindly click and accomplish this Online Feedback Form. Your feedback/recommendations/comments will greatly help in evaluating whether or not to officially subscribe to this database.