Makerspace: Full STEAM Ahead

The maker movement has finally made its way to the academic community in the Philippines. Last year, this concept reached the DLSU Libraries in partnership with the U.S. Embassy in the Philippines through our American Corner Manila. To officially mark its presence in the University, the Libraries dedicated a place that is envisioned to be a venue to spark interest, foster creativity and innovation. Our "Makerspace" was then launched last March 17, 2017 at the 12f of the Learning Commons. Present during the occasion were:

Carolyn Glassman, Counselor for Public Affairs, US Embassy Manila
Xavier Lara, Director of TJIC, US Embassy Manila
Randolf Mariano, Information Resource Associate of TJIC, US Embassy Manila
Miguel Cervantes, Co-founder & Curriculum Director of Makerspace Manila
​​Gino CariƱo,Co-founder & CEO at Makerspace Manila

Consequently, we are lucky to have on board the Makerspace Manila to facilitate our first serial programming for the space called STEAM Upcycling. This program employs STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) skills to enable repurposing, reusing, or turning of an item into something greater than its present quality, monetary value, or function). 

It is a comprehensive six-month course designed to:
  1. Introduce Filipinos to the global maker movement and the positive impact it brings to education (STEAM and non-STEAM), business, and society
  2. Educate Filipinos about being makers and utilizing makerspaces
  3. Promote Entrepreneurship and Environmental Protection using a platform and tools via makerspaces
  4. Celebrate Filipino ingenuity through tinkering and making
  5. Support various opportunities for a better quality of life that can be born out of upcycling
  6. Bring together local makers and makerspace organizations, non-government entrepreneurship and environmental organizations, Philippine and US government agencies, upcycling experts and gurus in the Philippines and the U.S., and alumni of U.S. government exchange programs
  7. Deliver different in-person and or virtual makerspace learning workshops and activities that will promote upcycling as a way to protect the environment, and as a viable and sustainable source of livelihood. 
The program will cover design thinking, illustration, 2D/3D design, robotics, programming, and electronics. Said program will run in the following sequence:
  • Phase 1 - Skills Building
  • Phase 2 - Design Challenges
  • Phase 3 - STEAM Upcycling Project
  • Phase 4 - Maker Fair
A total of twenty-five (25) participants were selected for this program and is expected to complete the program by September 2017.

Photos of the event may be viewed here: