Can the Gulf survive? as ​​Video Pick of the Week

In observance of the Clean-Up Week (Proclamation No. 187, s. 1963), the Libraries proudly present Can the Gulf survive? as ​​Video Pick of the Week. It will run from 09-14 January 2017 at the TV corner, The Learning Commons, 6th floor, Henry Sy Sr. Hall.​ 
This documentary television program narrates that “with exclusive access to British Petroleum’s cleanup operations, National Geographic investigates what happened to the 4.9 million barrels of oil that poured from the sea floor in one of the worst environmental disasters of all time” (source video).

Video Pick of the Week is an initiative to promote media and information literacy in the academic community. It also aims to promote the audiovisual collection of the Instructional Media Services (IMS) of the Libraries.

For inquiries, you may Chat with LORA, send an email to, or contact Mr. Joseph M. Yap, IMS Coordinator, at local 370.