Saturday, September 10, 2016

The Libraries Welcomes Back the Students

To kick off the start of Academic Year 2016-2017, the Libraries​ ​will be hosting a welcoming event entitled ​​SMART Start 2016 to be held​ at the Exhibit Area, The Learning Commons, 6th floor, Henry Sy Sr. Hall.​ This event aims to promote the ​library​ resources, services and facilities ​and cultivate an appreciation ​of the library as an integral part of students’ life​​. ​

​A series of activities ​will be conducted as follows​:

Run Dates
13-17 September
SMART Start!: An Exhibit of the Libraries
13-17 September
Video Pick of the Week: Senior Year
13 September
Fun Learning Activities and Games
​       Library Jeopardy
      Flip 'N Match​

For inquiries, you may Chat with LORA, send an email to or contact the Libraries at local 620.


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