American Corners’ Annual Conference 2016

American Corners are the strategic overseas platforms for engaging local audiences and steering public diplomacy. Hence, every Corner is progressively expected to plan and execute projects that support the mission goals. This was the objective of the three-day course held on 2-4 March 2016 at the U.S Embassy, Manila that was attended by the American Corner Director Ana Maria Fresnido and Associate American Studies Resource Center Librarian Donna Lyn Labangon to represent the American Corner Manila.

During the conference, representatives from the 14 American Corners in the Philippines plan and develop innovative programming that targets the five (5) core programs, namely: information about the U.S.; English Language Learning; EducationUSA; alumni;  and cultural. With emphasis on green initiatives, American Corner Manila proposed programs like urban gardening, mangrove planting and recycling contest.

The use of new technologies and hands-on materials, such as Digital Video Conference tools and Smithsonian content were also presented to help create bold and imaginative programs.

Sarah Ziebell, Information Resource Officer, Kristin Kneedler, Cultural Affairs Officer, Elizabeth Liu, Assistant Cultural Affairs Officer were all present during the conference to help participants understand the big picture of the mission goals and set new directions for the American Spaces.