Kindness Starts With YOU : LiBro’s Outreach Activity

Another session of LiBro, an outreach activity that aims to teach children Lasallian values through conducting fun and educational activities, was held last March 13, 2015 at Bagong Tuluyan Center , Fidel Reyes St., Malate Manila. This activity was conducted in partnership with Center for Social Concern and Action (COSCA) and the officials of Barangay 717. The range of activities prepared for the children revolved around “kindness” especially with our words.  Twenty-seven (27) children, ages three years to eight years, had actively participated in this activity.

Values are best taught through stories and to emphasize the importance of being kind to others, the story of Chrysanthemum was shared to the children. Chrysanthemum is a classic picture book, written and illustrated by Kevin Henkes that develops empathy and compassion among young children. It is a story of a young mouse named Chrysanthemum who is often teased by her classmates for her long name until one day, her pregnant music teacher defended her. She said that many people have long names and that if she gives birth to a girl, she would
name her Chrysanthemum as well.  This made Chrysanthemum happy and confident again.

After the storytelling, the children did the Torn Heart Game where each one will tear the heart-shaped paper and were asked try to repair it afterwards. The objective is to make them aware how damaging hurtful words can be to others and that it is hard to repair the damage once hurtful words have been said.  Lastly, to provide an example on how they can be nice to others, the children were given a card which they can decorate and give to someone who have been nice to them that they want to say “Thank You” of. 

To cap off the activity, children were given some treats and snacks.