American Corner-Manila 2012 U.S Election Watch

In line with the coming U.S Presidential Elections, American Corner – Manila in cooperation with the Arts College Government and University Student Government, organized a two-week long series of activities called, THE 2012 ELECTION WATCH which takes place from 25 October to 09 November 2012 with the end view of promoting and demonstrating democracy, through the U.S electoral process, as it plays a vital role in every society.

To jumpstart these series of events, a lecture entitled, The Road To 270, was interactively discussed by Mr. Al James Untalan, Faculty, International Studies Department on October 25, 2012. The talk clearly explained how voters elect a body called an electoral college, which would then elect the President. This system of government, practiced by America, embraces the idea of indirect democracy.

Also, from October 29 – 31, 2012, a U.S. Mock Election Campaign was carried out to engage the community in the U.S electoral process. This was accomplished by visiting 50 classes to represent the 50 U.S States. International Studies students major in American Studies actively joined the mock campaigns for the two competing political parties – the Democrats and the Republicans.

Upcoming events that would take place in November here in DLSU are the U.S Elections Exhibit – highlighting the mock election results and a post U.S-election symposium about the implications of the new President in the areas of international affairs, domestic politics and economics.

"The Road to 270" lecture

Class representing Alabama
in the US Mock Election Campaign
Class representing Alabama
Class representing Massachusetts